Sunday, June 28, 2009

Zend PHP 5 Certification Mock Exam: SQLite

I came across this tricky question while solving the PHP 5 Certificatin Mock Exam. The answers in bold are the correct ones. I have also added a few words of explanation to each of them.

Which of the following SQL statements will improve SQLite write performance?
  • PRAGMA locking_mode = "Row";
    locking_mode can only be "NORMAL" or "EXCLUSIVE"
  • PRAGMA count_changes = Off;
    it is believed to increase the speed slightly
  • PRAGMA default_synchronous = Off;
    synchronous set to "Off" makes SQLite continue after write operation without waiting for the storage to finish writing - this might give a real boost
  • PRAGMA default_synchronous = On;
    synchronous can only be "OFF", "NORMAL" or "FULL"
  • PRAGMA locking_mode = "Table";
    locking_mode can only be "NORMAL" or "EXCLUSIVE"


  1. nice site, but how u pubblished this question , there is a rule in the terms & condition page for not publishing any questions?

  2. Thanks for your comment. I know that many questions from the Mock (including this one) have been published already, eg. I think the rule in terms and conditions is there to prevent people from stealing the exam and creating similar services. I do not want to break rules nor anything. I just believe in sharing knowledge.

  3. If u haven't break the terms , then it's a nice blog. keep it up. thnks.