Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jailbroken iPhone OS 3.0 is out!

This is some really cool news. The guys have already published Pwnage Tool for iPhone OS 3.0. The process is same as before. If you have pwned your iPhone before you would be familiar with it. I do it as follows and it works for me every time:
  1. I download the Pwnage Tool from original website
  2. When I connect my iPhone to my Mac, iTunes starts screaming about new firmware. I choose "download only"
  3. When the firmware is already on my machine, I run Pwnage Tool in simple mode, it finds the firmware and creates pwned one on my Desktop
  4. Meanwhile I create a backup copy of my iPhone using iTunes - this point is crucial if you want to preserve your data
  5. When it's all done I quit iTunes
  6. Then I put my iPhone into DFU mode using Pwnage Tool and follow the instructions (quit Pwnage Tool).
  7. I open iTunes and it says about iPhone i recovery mode. It is all right and I press and hold Alt + Option while clicking "Restore" in iTunes
  8. iTunes shows a dialog allowing me to choose the firmware file - I select newly created pwned firmware
  9. iTunes uploads the firmware and reactivates iPhone
  10. I restore my data from backup copy created in point 4.
  11. I am happy and relaxed

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