Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPhone 4.2 and Ubuntu 10.10 - mount problem with dbus

I can't believe it's been nearly half a year since my last post. Anyways. It so happened that I was stuck with a large video on my iPhone. I wanted to download it however my iTunes had different opinion and refused to deal with it. As I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop I have decided to try my luck in there.

I have plugged my iPhone in and to my dismay my beloved Ubuntu threw ugly DBus error in my face saying iPhone could not be mounted. I should've taken a screenshot but hey, who wants to remember error messages? Nevertheless after some googling I have discovered that iOS 4.2 requires libimobiledevice1 package upgrade to version 1.0.4. Unfortunately official stable repos offer version 1.0.1 at the moment but it's nothing to worry about, though. Thanks to Paul McEnery you can benefit from your iPhone 4.2 connected successfully to your Ubuntu machine. Just add the PPA in command line:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa
next do the update:
sudo apt-get update
and then install/upgrade the library and other tools if necessary. Thanks for reading. I hope you found it helpful. Jacek

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